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1 ONLINE Communication Consultation For Individuals In The Workplace

Deborah J. Rutt, Ph.D. is a professional communication consultant who helps individuals develop more effective communication in their work and personal lives, from resolving a conflict with a co-worker or partner, to addressing an audience of managers with greater impact. She employs the psychology of perspective taking with her understanding of learning styles and then works to develop communication options for speakers. Dr. Rutt is sensitive to the context of communication problems in organizations and works to assist individuals confidentially while supporting organizational infrastructure.
Let Deborah help you strengthen your communication, for example:

  • To more effectively say what you need to tell a co-worker, subordinate or boss
  • To make your communication do more than it is doing — like strengthen a relationship instead of just delivering a message
  • To manage a conflict
  • To manage an a new or uncomfortable situation at work that needs some delicate handling
  • To develop a presentation with greater ease and impact

Any communication situation can use a fresh perspective, especially a confidential one from a professional that does not live in your work place. Sometimes with just an email or brief 15 minute confidential consultation you can get a new idea or option that will help you be a better speaker, or have more impact regardless of your position or the communication context. Whether you are a director, a supervisor, an employee of any kind, or someone who just wants help communicating better in a personally challenging situation, it is easy to get expert help.

2 ONLINE Communication Consultation For Individuals In Relationship At Home Or In Personal Life

Deborah J. Rutt, Ph.D. is a professional who can draw on her years of experience as a counselor and psychotherapist to assist individuals understand challenging communication situations. She collaborates with clients to help identify the particular challenge and discover options for communicating more effectively. People have consulted Deborah for a wide range of concerns, ranging from those seeking help to resolve conflicts in parent-child relationships, to those people who want advice on how to communicate more effectively with a partner or special person in their life.

3 ONLINE Communication Consultation For Litigation Attorneys Or Litigation Consultants

Deborah Rutt, Ph.D. provides online support to litigation attorneys which may include:

  • Speech writing
  • Theme development and argumentation strategy
  • Supplemental Jury Questionnaire design
  • Suggestions for Voir Dire strategy
  • Suggestions for courtroom demonstratives
  • Organization and/or Ideas for Opening Statements or Closing Argument

After checking for case conflict, Dr. Rutt works confidentially with the attorney in any kind of case, civil or criminal, to provide the kind of communication consultation he or she chooses. Available only to litigation consultants and attorneys.

If you have other needs for communication consultation not identified here please email Deborah with your request and she will be glad to assist you.